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27/071/072 BS(2014/015AD) Matela HP
DUDBC/Surkhet/Work/NBC/30/2071/072(Construction of Health Post Building at Matela,Surkhet,Nepal)
Issued by DUDBC, Division Office, Surkhet
Tender Notice

                              Nepal Government

                      Ministry of Urban Development

                  Department of Urban Development and Building Construction

          Division Office, Surkhet


          Notice no: 27/071/072(2014/2015AD)

First date of publication: - 2072/03/31 B.S. (16th July 2015)

COUNTRY                                            :   NEPAL

NAME OF PROJECT                             :   Nepal Health Sector Program-II (Cr.4537-NEP & Gr. H 557-NEP)

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WORKS       :   Procurement of Works: Construction of health post building,  

1. Department of  Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) Division Office, Surkhet invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the following construction work. Some of the qualification criteria mentioned below, though the details are mentioned in the bidding document.

Contract No./Bid No
Description Of Works

Minimum bid security amount (NPR.)

Average Annual Turnover of 3 years within the past 10 years (NPR, excluding VAT)

Minimum Experience for the Similar work completed in the last 10 years.

Minimum Liquid Asset or Credit line (NPR)

DUDBC/Surkhet/ Work/NCB/30/071-072

Construction of Matela Health Post Building, Matela VDC, Surkhet


One number of Building of NPR. 19,692,000.00 (excluding VAT) with Stone Mosonary work of 415.00 cum and PCC for RCC work of 129.00 cum

DUDBC/Surkhet/ Work/NCB/31/071-072

Construction of Neta Health Post Building,  Surkhet


One number of Building of NPR. 20,669,500.00 (excluding VAT) with Stone Masonry work of 441.00 cum and PCC for RCC work of 138.00 cum

DUDBC/Surkhet/ Work/NCB/32/071-072

Construction of Babiyachaur Health Post Building, Surkhet


One number of Building of NPR. 20,024,000.00 (excluding VAT) with Brick work of 221.00 cum and PCC for RCC work of 186.00 cum


The site is located in Surkhet and Dailekh Districts for the construction of health post buildings.

2.The Government of Nepal has received finance from the world bank toward the cost of second HNP & HIV AIDS Project and intends apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contract for the construction of the health post buildings mentioned above.

3. Maximum number of J/V partners shall be three. Compliance   requirement   for each partner of JV=25% of the requirement. Compliance requirement for the lead partner of JV=40% of the requirement.

4. Bidding will be conducted through the National competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures specified in the World Banks Guidelines. Procurement under IBRD loans and IDA credits (May 2004, Revised Oct 2006 & May 2010) and is open to all bidders as defined in the guidelines.

5. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents from the office of DUDBC Division Office Surkhet during office hours.

6. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English language may be purchased from the address below by interested bidders on the submission of a written application, along with the updated copy of company/firm registration certificate and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs.3000.00 Nepalese Rupees of each set.

Bidders shall have the option of downloading the bidding documents and deposit the cost of bidding document (as specified below) in the Employers account and submit their bids electronically, the electronic bidding submission procedures shall be as described in DUDBCs E-procurement Web Portal for E-submission of bids which is provided in its website www.edudbc.gov.np .

Information to deposit the cost of Bidding Document in Bank :

Name of the Bank                                                : Rastriya Banijya Bank ,Surkhet

Name of Office                                                    : DUDBC, Division Office Surkhet

Office CodeNo.- DUDBC Division Office )       : 64-347-01

Rajaswa  Khata No. (Revenue Account)             : Ka.1-1-007

Office  Code  No. (T & FC Office, Surkhet)      :  64-305-01

Revenue   Topic   No.                                          : 14227


7.Bidder shall quote the item rates in the BOQ (In figure as well as in words) exclusive of Value Added Tax. Bids without total bid price shall be considered non responsive and shall be rejected.


8. Sealed Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 12:00 hours (local time) on 2072/04/31 BS(16th August2015AD). All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security not less than As state above, for construction of Health Post Building as mentioned above valid up to 120 days after Bid opening date (i.e. 2072/08/27BS or 13th December2015AD) in accordance with clause 19 of ITB. Late Bids will be rejected.


9. Bids will be opened in the  presence of the bidders representatives, who choose to attend in person at the address below at 13:00 hours (local time) on 32nd day from the notice published date  (i.e. 2072/04/31 BS or 16th August2015AD) at DUDBC, Division office Surkhet .


10. If the last date of purchasing, submission and opening falls on a government holiday it shall be extended to the next working day. Any corrections needed shall be published on notice board of DUDBC, Division office Surkhet  and DUDBCs web portal www.edudbc.gov.np .


11. Information  or  data submitted by the  bidders which is either incomplete or unclear or not substantiated by supporting  documents  shall not be  consider for evaluation .


12. Bidders are advised to visit the site and assess the actual site conditions before submitting their bid.


13.  Pre-Bid meeting will be held on 21st  day from the notice published  date (i.e. 2072/04/20 BS or 5th August 2015AD) at 13:00 hours at DUDBC Division office, Surkhet .

14. The  Employer reserves the right to accept or  reject any  bid, and  to annul  the process and  reject  all  Bids at  any  time  prior to  contract award .


15. If  the  Bidder, except in e-bidding wish to  modify or withdraw their  Bids, the Bidders should submitted  sealed application 24 hours  prior to  the last  date  and  time of the  Bid submission . The Bid bond will be forfeited if the Bidder wish to modify or withdraw the Bid after the aforementioned period.


16.Bidders who choose to submit the bid by e-bidding system, must submit the original copies (Hard copy) of mandatory documents to Department of Urban Development and Building Construction Division Office Surkhet within 7 days of last day of bid submission i.e. 2072/05/06 B.S. (23 August 2015 AD).Non submission of hard copy by the bidder within specified time shall be considered as non responsive and may cause forfeiture of bid security.


Employer   Address :

The employer is  : Department of Urban Development and Building Construction Division Office, Surkhet , Nepal.

Attention                 : Division chief, DUDBC Division office , Surkhet .

Street Address        : Birendranagar Municipality, Ward no-7

Floor/Room  no      :First  Floor ,Room No.-1

City                         :Birendranagar,Surkhet

Postal Code            : 21700

Country                  : Nepal
Telephone              :+0977-83-520268

Facsimile Number  :+0977-83-520382

E-mail Address       : dudbcsrukhet@gmail.com

E-Portal                 :   www.edudbc.gov.np  .


                                                                                                                                                                        Division Chief


Clarification 1 :
Date : 2015-07-18
Published In : office board
the matela Dailekh written on the header of biding document is corrected as Matela ,Sutkhet.

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