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Construction of Laukaha Health Post Building, Rautahat/DUDBC/Parsa/NCB/Works/07/073/74
Issued by DUDBC, Division Office, Parsa
Tender Notice

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Urban Development

Department of Urban Development & Building Construction

Division Office Parsa, Birgunj

Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Invitation for for Sealed Bids No: 02/073/74/DUDBC/PARSA

First Date of Publication: 2074/03/27 B.S. (11 July, 2017 A.D.)

1.            Government of Nepal has allocated funds towards the cost of construction of the works mentioned in the table below and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contract for 02/073/74/DUDBC/PARSA and some of the qualification criteria are mentioned below though the details are in the bidding documents.

S. N.

Contract No.

Description of Works

Specific Nature of Similar Work Experience

Annual Average Turnover (NRs.)

Bid Security Amount (NRs.)

Cost of Bidding Document (NRs.)


(Estimated Amount)




Construction of 2 family Doctors Quarter Building at Chandranigahapur, Rautahat






NRs .68,30,991.90 (Excluding VAT), Single Stage, One Envelope Bidding Procedure



Construction of Four Family Doctors Quarter Building at Kalaiya Hospital, Bara






NRs. 1,17,92,127.61 (Excluding VAT), Single Stage, One Envelope Bidding Procedure



Construction of Two Family A.Na.Mi. Quarter Building, Langadi Health Post, Parsa






NRs. 10031017.95 (Excluding VAT), Single Stage, One Envelope Bidding Procedure



Construction of Four Family Staff Quarter Building at Rajpur Pharhadwa PHC, Rautahat








NRs. 1,06,85,620,13 (Excluding VAT), Single Stage, One Envelope Bidding Procedure



Construction of Laukaha Health Post Building,  Rautahat

at least one building work with a value of NRs. 22500000 in a single contract.




Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure



Construction of Sarmajuwa Health Post Building, Rautahat

at least one building work with a value of NRs. 18500000 in a single contract.




Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure



Construction of Inarwamal Health Post Building, Bara

at least one building work with a value of NRs. 19900000 in a single contract.




Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure



Construction of Ratanpuri Health Post Building, Bara

at least one building work with a value of NRs. 19900000 in a single contract.




Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure


2.         Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Division Office Parsa invites sealed bids or electronic bids from eligible bidders for the construction of above mentioned works under National Competitive Bidding – Two Envelope Bidding procedures. Under the Single-Stage, Two Envelope Procedure, Bidders are required to submit simultaneously two sealed envelopes, (i) One sealed envelope containing the technical Bid and labelled "Technical Proposal" and, (ii) The other sealed envelope containing Price Bid only and labelled as "Price Bid". Both in turn enclosed in one sealed envelope as per the provision included in ITB 21 of Bid Document. The "Letter of Technical Bid" submitted with Technical Bid, and the "Letter of Price Bid" submitted with Price Bid in separately sealed envelopes must be signed by authorized signatory, failure to which may be the ground for declaring the bid non-responsive.

Only eligible bidders should participate in this bidding.

3.         Maximum number of JV Partners shall be three only, compliance requirement for each partner of JV=25% of the requirement, compliance requirement for the lead partner of JV=40% of the requirement.

4.         Eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents at the office of Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Division Office Parsa or may visit DUDBC web portal www.edudbc.gov.np.

5.         A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased from the office Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Division Office Parsa by eligible Bidders on the submission of a written application, along with the copy of company/firm registration certificate, and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of above mentioned amount till 30th day of notice publication during office hours          (i.e., 2074/04/25 B.S.).If so requested, the Bidding Documents can also be sent by post/courier services upon payment of additional cost of NRs. 2000.00. However, the Employer will not be responsible for delay or non-delivery of the documents so sent.


Bidder who chooses to submit their bid electronically may download the bidding documents for                 e-submission from DUDBC‘s web portal www.edudbc.gov.np. Bidders, submitting their bid electronically, should deposit the cost (as specified above) of bidding document in the Project‘s Rajaswa (revenue) account as specified below and the scanned copy (PDF format) of the Bank deposit voucher shall be uploaded by the bidder at the time of electronic submission of the bids.

Information to deposit the cost of bidding document in Bank:

Name of the Bank: Nepal Rastra Bank, Birgunj, Parsa, Nepal

Name of Office: Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Division Office Parsa

Office Code No.: 34-347-01   Office‘s Account No.: Ka 11999     Rajaswa (Revenue) Shirshak No: 14227

6.         Pre-bid meeting shall be held at DUDBC, Division Office Parsa on the 21st day from the day of notice publication  (i.e., 2074/4/16 B.S.) at 13:00 hours.

7.         Sealed or Electronic bids must be submitted to the office DUDBC, Division Office Parsa by hand/courier or through DUDBC web portal www.edudbc.gov.np on or before 12:00hours of 31st day of notice publication (i.e., 2074/04/26 B.S.). Bids received after this deadline will be rejected.

The Technical bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders representatives who choose to attend at 14:00 hours on 31st day of notice publication (i.e., 2074/04/26 B.S.) at the office of DUDBC, Division Office Parsa. Bids must be valid for a period of 90 days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a bid security or scanned copy of the bid security in PDF format in case of e-bid, amounting to a minimum of as specified above which shall be valid for 120 days (30 days beyond the validity period of the bid) from the last date of bid submission.

Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security of minimum amount specified either in the form of bank voucher confirming cash deposit in deposit account no 1701200-001-002-524, Kosh tatha Lekha niyantrak karyalay Dharauti khata, Nepal Rastra Bank, as specified above or a bid security (unconditional bank guarantee) issued by "A" Class commercial Bank as approved by Nepal Rastra Bank.

8.         Bidders who choose to submit the bid by e-bidding system must submit the original complete bid (hard copy) at the DUDBC, Division Office Parsa within seven days of last date and time of bid submission. None submission of those documents within that time shall be considered as non-responsive and may cause forfeiture of Bid Security.

9.         If the last date of purchasing and /or submission falls on a government holiday, then the next working day shall be considered as the last date. In such a case, the validity period of the bid security shall remain the same as specified for the original last date of bid submission.

10.     Bidders may withdraw or modify its bids by sending a written notice in a sealed envelope, duly signed by an authorized representative, and shall include a copy of the authorization in accordance with ITB 20.2 before 24 hours prior to the deadline of submission of bids. Bidder may submit modification or withdrawal prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of bid through e-GP system by using the forms and instructions provided by the system. Once a bid is withdrawn, bidder will not be able to submit another bid response for the same bid.

11.     After the completion of evaluation of Technical Bid which are substantially responsive evaluated bidders, will be invited to attend the opening of Price Bids. The date, time and location of opening of Price Bid shall be notified in writing and/or published in national daily.

12.     Bidders shall quote item rates exclusive of VAT in BOQ in figure as well as in words. Bids Without total bid price shall be considered non responsive and shall be rejected. In case of discrepancies of rates in figures and words; rates quoted in words shall govern. Bidders are advised to visit site and assess the actual site conditions before submitting their bid.

13.     Other mandatory information as per Public Procurement Act 2063 (Amended) and Public Procurement Regulation 2064 (Amended).

Employer Address:

The Employer is : DUDBC, Division Office, Parsa, Nepal                         Attention : Division Chief                                               

Street Address : Birgunj Metropolitan city Ward No.- 9                            Floor/Room number : First floor 

Telephone : +977-051-522215, 527870                                                       Facsimile number : +977-051-522215                                        

Email address : dudbcParsa@gmail.com                                                   Website : www.edudbc.gov.np

                                                                                                                                                            Division Chief




Addenda 1 :
Date : 2017-08-10
Published In :

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